5 handy hidden features in the Gmail Android app

Let’s face it: Between the pending demise of Inbox and the days-away death of Newton Mail, an entire bunch people are gonna be making our as far back as Gmail ahead of lengthy. And that suggests we now have were given a large number of begrudging adjustment forward.

The Gmail Android app is not terrible to make use of, thoughts you, however it may be just a little of a surprise to the gadget whilst you’ve grown acquainted with one thing other. Whether you are returning to Gmail for the first time in ages or you may have been dwelling with all of it alongside, although, Google’s soon-to-be-only e-mail app has some great touches you may have most probably by no means spotted — simply overpassed features that may make your cell e-mail enjoy a little bit extra delightful.

Here are 5 such choices value uncovering — or possibly simply remembering.

1. Advanced e-mail formatting instructions

The Gmail Android app’s e-mail composing display turns out like a gorgeous bare-bones affair, however long-press on any open area while writing a brand new e-mail — and via golly, goodness goshness, glance what you can to find:

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