Speed kills | Computerworld

It’s the early 1980s when this IT pilot fish joins the staff — and figures out a neat hack at his first actual process at a small corporate.

“The company’s minicomputer had user terminals in some of the offices,” says fish. “The terminals allowed you to do a couple of issues past easy knowledge access, and one trick used to be to inform the terminal to skip enter fields on a knowledge access display screen.

“One day my boss gave me a big batch of General Ledger magazine entries that had to be corrected. They had been lacking values in two fields, out of about two dozen. So I programmed the display screen to skip from the specified fields to the top, settle for the web page, move to the following access, and skip all the way down to the fields I had to go into.

“As a outcome, what would have taken me many of the day took about 45 mins.

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