SharePoint Workflows go belly-up when you install the September .Net Security Only patch

‘Softie Rodney Viana has posted main points and a workaround for the “System.CodeDom.CodeBinaryOperatorExpression is not marked as authorized” computer virus.

Apparently, putting in ultimate Tuesday’s KB 4457916 Security Only updates for .Net Framework three.five, four.five.2, four.6, four.6.1, four.6.2, four.7, four.7.1, and four.7.2 for Windows eight.1 and Server 2012 R2 reasons a difficult forestall with any SharePoint Workflows. (Workflows are arrange via an admin to care for the waft of paperwork thru a sequence of steps.)

The internet consequence: A difficult hiccup anytime a record enters a Workflow.

The answer, in line with Viana, is to manually input an <authorizedType> tag in the .Net config record.

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