Smartwatches finally evolve into a viable platform

[Disclosure: Qualcomm is a client of the author.]

I consider the near-term long run will in large part be outlined via wearable gadgets, however there’s no denying the category began unpleasant.

First, we had the extremely silly Google effort referred to as Glass. Then Apple made up our minds to toss out the bright product, advertising and naming methods that resulted within the iPod, iPhone and iPad and created the Apple Watch. While nonetheless tough sufficient to set an trade development, the transfer nearly terminally destroyed what we now imagine to be the smartwatch marketplace.

You see, with the iPod, iPhone and iPad Apple outlined the goods themselves. But while you name one thing via a identify that’s already outlined – like “watch” – that identify then defines the product. But the Apple Watch wasn’t a “watch” – it used to be extra of a wearable iPod. 

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