How to make an old Android phone feel new again

Old Android telephones are in all places. They’re in closets, kitchens, table drawers — and, sure, even within the wallet of productive industry individuals who (gasp!) have not troubled to improve shortly.

Despite the consistent advertising to the opposite, cell units can stay completely succesful lengthy after their release dates. They can, then again, get started to appear slightly sluggish or at the back of the curve after a couple of years of use — and the older and extra resource-limited a tool is, the extra pronounced that impact is most likely to be.

But wait! Don’t abandon hope simply but: A handful of straightforward steps can make your old Android phone feel new (or no less than newer) again. And whether or not you are nonetheless wearing the tool round as a day by day motive force or the usage of it for extra inventive functions, each and every little growth counts.

So summon your internal mechanic and get in a position: It’s time to give that old Android phone a much-needed tune-up — and a contemporary hire on existence.

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