There’s some way to go before Siri controls the world

I latterly spent some time with Tom Hebner, Worldwide Leader of the Cognitive Innovation Group at Nuance Communications. We mentioned voice seek and the rising long term of AI.

The voice person interface

“Voice technologies being deployed by large technology companies is awesome for everyone in the industry because it really shows the power of the technologies, but also shows the edges too, because people get all hyped-up and think it does more than it currently can,” he stated.

“The promise of voice technology is that we will need to learn less about the computer. Like, back in the day when you had to type in a terminal you had to really understand how to code, then with graphical user interfaces it became a little easier,” he stated.

“But … with all the home devices… it’s like you’re playing Jeopardy and must figure out the question to get the answer you want rather than just speaking naturally.”

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