The end of an era for Google hardware

Dearly loved, we collect right here lately to mourn the loss of two pioneers within the Google hardware universe — two names close to and costly to many of our hearts, and names whose ultimate spark has now flickered and pale.

This digital funeral honors the reminiscence of each the Nexus and Chromebook Pixel strains of gadgets — the inaugural Google-branded flagship merchandise for Android and Chrome OS, respectively. The two have now joined their cousins Google Reader, Google Lively, and Google More Messaging Services Than Any Semi-Sane Person Can Possibly Count within the critically overcrowded Google graveyard.

Nexus and Chromebook Pixel had a lot in commonplace. Each line of gadgets marked Google’s first steps into developing its personal self-branded hardware for its respective ecosystem. Each began out concentrated on basically fanatics — “geeks,” as they are lovingly identified of their communities — after which expanded into one thing way more vital. And every successfully handed into the nice past this summer time, because the related gadgets reached their legitimate “end of life” moments and have been not able to obtain to any extent further sustenance within the shape of running machine updates.

For Nexus, the new unlock of Android nine Pie in August acted these days of reckoning. That unlock was once the primary in ages to succeed in no Nexus members of the family — no longer even the youngest Nexus 5X and 6P siblings, born 3 years in the past in 2015. The Nexus circle of relatives is survived by way of its Pixel circle of relatives descendents, together with the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, and Pixel three Mega-Leak Edition.

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