Get caught up on your July and August Windows/Office patches

With the coming of “Fourth Week” patches on the remaining running day of August, and having had a couple of days to vet them, it seems like we’re in a position to unlock the cracklin’ Kraken.

The steaming pile of Windows Intel microcode patches

Microsoft continues to unharness microcode patches for Meltdown and Spectre (variations 1, 2, three, 3a, four, n for n >=four). You received’t get stung via any of them, except you particularly move searching for bother.

Considering there nonetheless haven’t been any garden-variety Meltdown or Spectre assaults, I strongly recommend you forget about Microsoft’s Intel microcode patches, except you’re in command of a server that multitasks customers with delicate information. Wait until Microsoft (and Intel) will get the kinks labored out.

If you actually really feel like beta-testing for Microsoft, apply RetiredGeek’s suggestions for Meltdown/Spectre mitigations on 1803. Make particular word of the truth that he flashed his Dell XPS 8920 firmware previous to pursuing the Herculean labors.

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